Saturday, January 3, 2009

you want fries with that?

The cats have discovered the world outside the front window. (Photos coming soon.) Missy Tash has spent the most time of the bunch on sentry duty there. There are more birds by far than at our last house. But best of all are the bunnies in the late evening and early morning. They come right up to the house to nibble on the twigs and bark of the bushes under the window. And if the neighbors ask, alfalfa hay is an excellent mulch. Why else would it be around those front bushes? I'm sure I had no idea that it would also be a favored food of wild bunnies.

As I type, it appears to have been time for the changing of the guards on the front window. Zabartik came up and relieved Tashania of her post. It's a long window, but since the kittons don't like to sit too near one another, we're going to need to place a long, low cabinet there so they can stand critter-watch more than one fuzzbutt at a time.

On the unpacking front, the Mister is nearly done with the home theater. He's wiring up the speakers today, after having run cables through the walls and behind baseboards. Once that's done, all that's left is hang two more shelves, to find the box in the sea of other boxes that has his console games in it, and the arrival of the Sumo Gigantor (smiling blond model not included).

We've discovered the hard way that the fryer got packed with frying oil still inside it. Neither of us remembered to empty it, and the movers just packed it up as-is in a box marked "kitchen". It had tipped an leaked during it's trip. Seeing the oil soaked carboard - not knowing what was inside - assumed that a bottle of cooking oil had been packed and then inverted. I flipped the box over to open it, thinking I was "fixing" it, and instead emptied the whole fryer full of oil into the box. A mad dash down the hall to the bathroom to dump the whole box in the tub followed. The house now smells of french fries, but I managed to lose only about a cup of oil onto the floor in the process. Oops.

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Anonymous said...

LOL on "Sumo Gigantor"--great name for it! Looks fantastically comfy--and the oil disaster, altho I know it wasn't funny to you. SOunds just like something that would (and has) happen to me. :-)