Monday, February 23, 2009

Long day. Nutshell version.

Went to doctor and had a suture removed. No, I haven't had another surgery since the big one in 2007. It's a long story and probably TMI for most. Making it be gone was not a pleasant thing. Should be feeling better tomorrow. Just glad it's gone now.

I've been randomized into the half of the clinical trial that gets to try the Flexitouch therapy, not the control group. That is awesome news. More doctor appointments to follow, though. Comes with the territory.

Two of our rats, Dureena and Delenn, have metastasized cancers. NOT awesome news. Meds will help keep them comfortable for a while yet, with luck. The vet and technician were both impressed with how loving and sweet the girlies were during their visit.

My Mister is awesome.

Heroes was very tense tonight. Black hat? White hat? How dark can a gray hat get before it's undeniably black? How can you tell if it's black or just covered in soot?

It's past my bedtime. Am clicking "publish post" and going to bed.

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