Sunday, April 26, 2009

Landfills hurting as consumers repair, reuse

All over the US, consumers are throwing away less and reusing or repairing more. Goodwill thrift stores see rise in sales and drop in donations. "Environmentalists applaud the trash slash."

Landfills hurting as consumers repair, reuse

By JAMES HANNAH, Associated Press Writer James Hannah, Associated Press Writer – Sat Apr 25, 12:21 pm ET

DAYTON, Ohio – Thrift-driven Americans are fixing up, making do and reusing so much to cope with the recession that the drop in throwaways means less fill for landfills.

To deal with the drop-off in dropoffs, landfills are laying off workers, reducing hours of operation and hiking disposal fees, with the increases passed along to cities, businesses and consumers. read more

It reminds me that I've been meaning to take some more donations to the Goodwill near us. It's amazing the things you find when you move that you don't need, want, or even recognize.

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