Monday, August 4, 2008

where I've been

I've been playing with this gizmo on

I've only included places that I have memories of having been, so the cities and countries my folks visited when I was an infant are right out. Places I know I've driven through but never gotten out of the car (or airport) also don't count, unless we're talking about driving across a big chunk of a really big place, such as entire US state. Though I don't think I've driven through any US state without at least getting out to buy gasoline or stretch my legs. If I can remember a place, but was too young to remember quite where it was, I've been asking the relevant folks who were adults at the time for the details and adding them.

It's still in beta. There are some features it looks like they'll be adding eventually that would make it quite a bit niftier. Adding missing cities like Tahiti and Moorea would be a bonus. I'd like to see them enable marking cities with "I've lived here" and "I want to go here" along with the default "I've been here." Adding notes to my "pins" would be great. And most of all, I want to be able to mark well known natural wonders, like Bald Rock in NSW, and Mono Lake in California.

On my view the map is full of virtual "pins" on cities the cities I've listed, though this version on my blog seems to only show the names of said cities. I guess that's their way of getting people to log in to see your map as a friend.

Blue means "I've been there".
Red means "I've lived there".
Green means "I want to go there".

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