Tuesday, September 2, 2008

in a world without cheezburgers

funny pictures

That's my Mister and our rattie, Talia. Click on the photo if you want to see it (and vote on it) on icanhascheezburger.com. Or don't. I'm just sayin' it, just in case :)

* * *

In to some sad news, I just heard that Don laFontaine has passed away. The quintessential voice of modern movie trailers, laFontaine's name might not be familiar to all, but anyone in the US who watches TV, listens to commercial radio, or watches movies has heard his voice.

From Wikipedia:
He also appeared on NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! on May 14, 2005, where he played "Not my job" (a game in which famous people have to accurately answer questions totally unrelated to their chosen professions). The prize (for a listener, not the contestant) is "Carl Kassel's voice on your home answering machine". LaFontaine did not win the game, and offered to do the answering machine message himself instead.

I remember hearing that episode of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! I think it was the first time I had a name to go with the voice of the "In A World" guy. With that show, laFontaine was no longer just an amazing voice actor, but a human being with a great sense of humor. I've been a fan ever since.

Rest in peace, In A World Guy.

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