Friday, December 26, 2008

accepted into their clan

Leg wrapped like King Tut after his "natron bath".

Cats on my lap, sleeping soundly.

Working from home and listening to a podcast of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me.

The kittons are settling into their new home. Catrina has significantly cut down on the number of random times per day that she vanishes into an empty room to start yodeling at the top of her cat-banshee lungs.

The rats are enjoying the new location of their cage, which allows them to watch my Mister while he's at his computer. I know their eyesight is limited, but they do seem intrigued by the activity nearby. And they can probably tell by smell and sound which of us the shifting object nearby is.

Zabartik, as I've mentioned before, very much seems to want to be just like His Person when he grows thumbs. So, if my Mister is replacing the power supply in his computer, Zabartik is there to help. If my guy is checking that the blinds are level before drilling holes and driving screws, Zabartik tilts his head to the side and watches intently. He doesn't seem the least interested in what I'm doing most of the time. But if my Mister is doing something with tools, chances are he's got a 14 lb white fuzzbutt apparently memorizing his every move.

Ok, back to work. But first, a lol.

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Anonymous said...

I love the LOL photo! Glad to hear your pets are adjusting to their new home so well.