Friday, June 6, 2008

no answers yet

Woke up aching from head to toe to day, like you would with the flu, but without the rest of the things that go with a flu. I feel like I'd slept under the mattress last night instead of on top of it. Joy.

My regular doc is booked until middle of next week so I went to see another doctor in her office.

This other doc had a few more blood tests taken that involved two tubes of blood - a thyroid test and I don't know what else. She told me I should see my shrink soon to rule out psychiatric causes for my symptoms, and said if I didn't feel better in two weeks I should see my regular GP.

So I've got the soonest possible appointment with my psychiatrist (in about a month) and I booked a follow up appointment with my regular GP for a week from now, just in case, and crossed my fingers that I'd get some answers before that.

A while after I got home I got a call from Dr. A's (my oncologist's) nurse, Joan. She touched bases, said I'd hear from Dr. A shortly, and then Dr. A called. He said he's playing phone tag with an endocrinologist because my last set of tests were so funky, and wanted me to know he's working on getting some answers for me. Bless both him and nurse Joan.

In the meantime, he's given me a prescription that should help with the symptoms.


Tymothi said...

Have you heard anything yet?

Pockafwye said...

Nothing much yet. I have an appointment with an eye doc in two weeks because my vision is getting blurry. And an appointment with my psychiatrist in a month. Recent tests effectively ruled out a pituitary tumor. Preliminary tests on my thyroid are normal, though they tested my TSH, which stimulates thyroid production, and not actual levels of thyroid hormone. I gather this is the normal procedure. But since my tests on other levels haven't been normal, and it's possible to have low thyroid with normal TSH, I'd really have preferred them to check both. That said, I'm not a doctor. I'm just the person who's been all screwed up for months now with no useful answers.

Who me? Cranky? Maybe just a bit.