Friday, November 30, 2007

100% Chance of snow

Just a quick post as I dive into a working from home frenzy.

According to NOAA it's 4°F (-16°C) out there right now with a wind chill of BRRRR!!! Well, -10°F (-23°C) wind chill, actually. But they're roughly the same. NOAA's also saying we've got a 100% chance of snow for tomorrow. Guaranteed. You betcha!

The rats all seem to be on the mend today. Hardly any sneezes from Dureena and Talia, and Delenn sounds a lot better. Keeping the humidifier running all the time isn't bad for the humans in the house either. The ratties are getting canned pumpkin and other moist treats, too, which is quite popular with all of them.

Well, break's over. Back to work.

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