Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home again

My cousin and Cassie
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We got back from our North Carolina trip this afternoon to weather at home around 40°F (4°C) and windy, but bright and sunny.

There was a layover in Atlanta, GA, where we had breakfast and saw someone on a segue, apparently patrolling the corridors. Well, I spotted it, but my Honey missed it. He was disappointed because he's never seen a segue out "in the wild". Only on tv and the interweb.

On the plane out of Atlanta we found ourselves seated in front of a small boy (maybe 4?) named Miah his mom and a slightly older brother. Miah started off the flight by telling his brother-- in one of those child voices that can carry even over airplane engine noise-- a story about a talking penis. His mother stopped that story short, but not before its subject had been announced to everyone sitting within several rows in either direction. Miah fussed, yelled, cried, whined, sneezed, made random hooting noises, kicked my seat, and kept up a constant stream of high-volume 4-year old chatter for the whole 2+ hour flight. His mom tried to quiet him about once every 5 minutes, to little effect.

On the up-side, there was an in-flight movie. We didn't use the headphones, and missed the title, so we had to figure out the plot from whatever clues the visuals gave us. Looked like some kind of Thanksgiving special you might see produced by Hallmark.

Near as we could tell, there was a were-pigeon living on some blond woman's windowsill. Said pigeon was possibly also Blond's therapist in disguise. There seemed to be some fisherman guy in the Pacific North West who missed the Blond Lady, but she was in New York, and neither was willing to move to the other's city.

Someone managed to ruin a roasted turkey at Blond Lady's apartment by squirting it with a broken kitchen faucet, so they had to eat burgers for Thanksgiving. There was a mysterious woman in the burger restaurant who we suspect was the therapist/pigeon in human form.

There was another lady at a more traditional holiday dinner who didn't get any pumpkin pie. Her pielessness seemed to be the last straw, because she left the dinner table in a huff even though two folks offered to share their pie with her. We never managed to figure out what No-pie-for-me Lady was doing in Blond Lady's story.

Long story short, Blond Lady eventually put the were-pigeon in a shoe box and dropped it off in Central Park. The scene changed to show some new brunette lady showing up at Pacific North West Boyfriend's house. Her appearance seemed to perplex him. I think he was expecting Blond Lady. But maybe he was expecting the were-pigeon?

The movie ended there, without showing us where Blond Lady went, or why PNW Boyfriend wasn't happy to see Brunette Lady. We suspect that the were-pigeon hurried back from the park to Blond Lady's apartment and talked her out of a hair-brained scheme. But that's just a guess on our part. At any rate, the pigeon really should have had more screen time, but I guess it was meant to be a small but pivotal role.

Edited to fix some really lousy grammar. From now on maybe I'll just let it stay as a reminder to me to proofread?

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