Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rest in peace, Little Dude

Rest in peace, Little Dude
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19°F (-7°C) / wind chill 7°F (-14°C) according to NOAA. The wind outside is rattling in the chimney.

Today was a mixed day for us. I'm about half over my cold, which is a plus.

Our little Ambassador passed away during his neutering surgery. The vet says she's never lost a rat during a neuter before. My Honey and I are both very sad, as he'd really endeared himself to us in the short time he was with us. The University of MN will do rat autopsies, so we'll be able to find out what happened.

On the up side today we got to meet Tony Bourdain at a book signing at the Mall of America. (I'll post photos of that soon.)

A huge owl flew across the road in front of me on the way home from the book signing, close enough I was a afraid he'd smack into my windscreen. Startled the heck out of me. But it was really lovely.

Then the guild had a really good run through Mechanar in WoW...

More ups than downs. But the ups are still touched by the sad part.

Sleep well, sweet little G'Kar... you will be missed.


Tymothi said...

Sorry to hear that. *hugs*

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