Saturday, March 22, 2008


I never see faces in my dreams.

I see people's hair, their clothes, bodies, etc. and I know just who they are, if applicable to the dream. It never seems odd to me in the dream that I can't see faces. But I can count on one hand the number of times I can remember seeing someone's face in a dream.

One was yesterday. One was this morning. Odd.

Yesterday, just before my alarm went off, a character wandered into my dream who had ice-blue eyes with white pupils, and who's face seemed to have bits of latex glued to it. His eyes were hard to look at (maybe because I'm not used to being able to see eyes at all in a dream?) My Mister was there (no face) and the three of us had a fairly mundane conversation (on the deck of a schooner) that was interrupted when I woke up.

This morning was one of those epic length dreams with an unusual level of continuity for a dream. It involved attending a dog show, then going to a theatrical performance that was over-rated so we left early, and ended up with us watching something on a TV in a swanky bar. My company was, of all people, Geraint Wyn Davies and a wealthy 50-something lady friend of his. There were lots of details in the dream that stand out for having been clearer than usual, like the screen and buttons on my cell phone when I turned it off at the theater. And I could very clearly see Mr. Davies' face through the whole dream.

Geraint Wyn Davies? I haven't even seen anything with him in it for ages. Most of the TV he's in is either not shown in the US, or is on the Sundance channel, which we don't have as part of our cable package.

Yes, I used to watch Forever Knight. I'm a fan of vampire fiction, film, and tv shows, and I've seen every episode of F.K. more than once. He's nice to look at. Has a nice voice. But I was always more of a Nigel Bennett fan (he played the quirky, antagonist vampire to Davies' protagonist role.) And I'm sure I haven't seen an F.K. episode in several years.

So why, of all the people who could show up in a dream actually sporting a face (his own, even) would my brain pick Geraint Wyn Davies?

Dreams. Go figure.

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Zbodhimama said...

What a strange dream. No idea who that is. Not my generation, probably.