Sunday, March 9, 2008

Zero G interview part 2

I'm tuned in again to Aussie radio thanks to the wonder of the internets, listening to the Zero G show on 3RRR FM. They've just wrapped up an interview with Peter Woodward, part two of the interview they aired last week. I especially enjoyed Rob Jan and Gail Adams' questions, as they avoided the usual set that interviewers default to when they catch Peter. Rob and Gail had obviously done their homework and kept the dialog flowing in a variety of interesting directions the whole length of the interview.

I particularly enjoyed listening to them discuss the ways Hollywood rewrites history in movies that are presented as "historical" films. They mentioned The Patriot and U-571 in particular, and I'd've been delighted to hear an entire hour of where that conversation could have gone if they'd had the time to run with it.

(edit: Did I say an entire hour? I think that could've been interesting for the better part of an evening, at least.)

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