Sunday, March 2, 2008


Listening to the second half of the Zero G show now as I type.

The Peter Woodward interview was delightful! What a delightful and animated interviewee Peter was. One thing he talked about was his appreciation of scifi-fantasy fans and history buffs who get out there and go to cons, reenact battles, and such, rather than just sitting in front of a television. Being one of those geeks from time to time myself, it was nice to hear a star not snubbing such fans as a bunch of nuts.

Rob Jan and Gail Adams did a great job of interviewing Peter. They asked some really intelligent and interesting questions. I may just become a regular listener, now that I know the show is on at a humane hour here. Quite a fun show!

Looking forward to next week and the second half of the show. Have to remember that we'll be doing the daylight savings time thing next week, so I'll need to tune in an hour later.

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