Saturday, March 1, 2008

Listen to this...

Ok, so I'm just finished cleaning out the rattie house, and I'm getting ready to start working on a knitting project when my Mister comes running up the stairs to say, "OMG you have to listen to something."

He was right.

Check out this page and, if nothing else, listen to the song Code Monkey. Or, if you prefer emails from zombies over unrequited geek love, don't miss Re. Your Brains.

I was familiar with Jonathan Coulton only so far as that I love the closing song at the end of the video game Portal, and he wrote it. Didn't actually know his name until today.

I'm going to be buying some of his songs, pronto, and adding them to my iPod.

edit: When I went to his page to read up on buying his music I saw the text below and laughed out loud.

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Zbodhimama said...

Hi, Honey. What a wild and crazy song and concept!