Wednesday, July 23, 2008

chemical spill

I had to clean up a messy dihydrogen monoxide spill this morning before leaving for work. I admit, I was being careless when I left a tippy container of it uncovered and unattended, but I'll be careful not to repeat that mistake when there are curious rodents around.

Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding DHMO, I continue to use it as a cleaning agent around my pets, and even around food. I remember hearing in my chemistry class years ago that it is derived from naturally occuring sources, which is a bonus. It doesn't leave behind any residual odor, and is non-irritating to my hands when kept at room temperature, so I don't have to wear gloves when using it. I do keep a link to the DHMO material safety data sheet (MSDS) handy but I am convinced that, when handled properly, DHMO is perfectly safe.

There were no injuries as a result of this morning's spill, though the one of the cats got some on her paws and wasn't amused.

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