Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

The Mister and I had tickets today for the noon showing of The Dark Knight at the Imax theater at the Minnesota Zoo. We arrived about an hour and 20 minutes early to pick up our tickets from will call, where the the cashier told us that the folks ahead of us had bought tickets for the show before The Dark Knight as well (a documentary called African Adventure 3D). This meant they would already be seated in the theater when the crowd coming to see only The Dark Knight arrived, giving them good seats without standing in line for an hour. She pointed out that with their double feature special (they offer tickets to a second Imax film on the same day at a discounted rate) it was a good deal all around. Would we like to do the same?

We needed to kill an hour anyway - might as well do it in an air conditioned theater. So we paid a bit more cash and joined the other handful of early arrivals in line for the 3D safari. Fun documentary. Impressive visuals. You feel like you're this close to a lot of amazing critters.

And The Dark Knight?

By the sauce of His Noodliness, it really does live up to the hype it's getting, and then some. I'm not going to try to summarize how freaking amazing it is, or what about it makes it so. Everyone else on the web has done that for me already. Just take everyone's word for it. If you are even vaguely a fan of action films, super heroes, super villians, or scifi for that matter, and you aren't in the subset of such fans who are too young or squeamish to descend into the grim bowels of Gotham City via the big screen, you must see this film.

Oh... and I think a super villain must've been by our house, because we came home to an air conditioner on the fritz... The Heat Miser maybe?

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