Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Return of the Mummy

Leg up and wrapped from foot to thigh to bring down the swelling from being up and around at work yesterday. Three inches of swelling around my knee and thigh goes beyond uncomfortable and crosses into painful as it puts pressure on my knee and makes it hurt to walk.

I brought it down a bunch overnight, then if the wrapping works it gets looser as the swelling goes down. So I have to rewrap to get more reduction since the bandages used for wrapping a lymphedema affected limb have very little stretch. So it's rewrapped now and elevated again.

The good news is my new compression stocking has arrived now so today, if I can get the swelling back down, I can wear that to work to prevent a repeat of yesterday's puffage. It's a higher level of compression than my previous stocking was, and it's full length, so I'm optimistic about having more freedom to get up and move.

I am due to get on a plane in 3 days, and flying aggravates my lymphedema, so I have to get the swelling down before hand. I'll be planning on sleeping in the bandages so any swelling that sneaks through my compression stocking can be brought back under control. That said, I'm hoping dearly that the stocking will do it's job and keep the swelling at bay.


miss erica said...

I found your blog, and I am very inspired by your posts and pics of your dealing with lymphedema. I have been on an active Internet search to find out other people's experiences. As of April this year, I am starting this process (mine is hereditary), and I have swelling in lower left leg & foot. I have the same open-toe neutral-toned compression stocking, and I am visiting a physical therapist starting on Monday. It has totally changed my lifestyle, when something as basic as putting on a tight-fitting shoe poses an issue. But life goes on :) I wish you well!

Pic of my left leg:

miss erica said...

Reposting link ...
Pic of left leg