Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Newt Day!

Yes, it seems unlikely, but by my calculations Newt Day has reached the 15 year mark, which is worth just a little more attention than we usually give it. So, for a Leave It To Me challenge at TWTME I just couldn't resist doing a newt related image.

And I say to the lowly newt: Woot woot!

4 out of 5 Pirates and Pastafarians I've polled about Newt Day approve of this holiday for their compatriots who celebrate holidays.
(Poll was not even vaguely scientific)

Disclaimer: This holiday is not acknowledged by the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (but a couple of us think it should be). No newts were harmed in bringing you this holiday. Some restrictions may apply. Newts may not be available nor interested in sharing the holiday in your area. Not affiliated with that other popular holiday that also falls on February 14th. No cherubs, cards, roses, chocolate or sparklies necessary to celebrate.

The original background photo belongs to ☼ Helder.
The original newt can be seen here on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website,
and is listed as public domain.

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Orable & Charlie said...

Hi; nicce blog & great photos. Six months ago Howard sent me the url of your Virginia trip, -am much impressed with the photos & it was the first time I'd seen what he looks like in years.

But I haven't heard from him & he doesn't answer his emails. Could you please let me know if anything bad has happened to him?

Thank you!