Saturday, February 2, 2008

Peter Woodward Photo Collective

My friend, who's flickr id is Scandaldancer, came up with the brilliant idea of putting together the first (and only that I know of) flickr pool in honor of Peter Woodward. The pool is called the Peter Woodward Photo Collective. We're co-admins, but she did much of the work behind the scenes to get the pool up and running.

The above photo is from the pool's first member, Zero G.

It's been fun flitting through searches on flickr and my already found favorites to find photos to invite to the pool.

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Anonymous said...

What a cool idea, and thanks for finding my photos of him on flickr! :-) I'm enjoying reading your blog so far. We have a lot in common. And how cool that you got to caucus, I'd love to do that!