Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A lively discussion over at WWdN: In Exile

I've been participating in a lively political discussion over at WWdN: In Exile. Part of Wil's original post is quoted below.
It's going to be a huge challenge for our next president to heal this nation, and end the Culture of Fear that's been created by the Bush Administration. I believe that Barack Obama is the best candidate to do that, and I was proud to vote for him today. ~Wil Wheaton
In response to a commenter with the screen name 1BigBank who stated that the Democratic party can't win because of the high proportion of small minded, bigoted people in this country (his full post is here) I posted the following:

@1BigBank: We, as the people of the USA, get to decide what the country is or is not ready for. If Obama or Hillary gets out the vote more effectively than those who have such racist or sexist political views do, we win and they have to become ready pronto. We are only defeated before we begin if we allow ourselves to buy into the "not ready" line and refuse to vote our conscience based on their bigotry.

We may have a long way to go yet for true equality and a level playing field, but we've come long way from where we were.

If we had waited for the country to have been "ready" for the US to accept civil rights such as women's suffrage or African Americans being allowed to integrate with whites, these things would never have happened. They happened because those who were right mobilized their political power to get the right things done, and because of visionary leaders who defied conventional wisdom about what the masses could accept.

I believe this. It's not just pretty words for me. And this year I see such enthusiasm for the Democratic party that I think we have what it takes to make good things happen. I hope that more people can find their hope restored by the swell of support for both Clinton and Obama, and that their hope can inspire others. We can turn things around. We can win the presidency back from the far Right.

In the words of Barack Obama, "Yes we can".

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