Monday, February 25, 2008

Social Gamers

There's no place like home
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Played some World of Warcraft with my Mister and our friends this weekend. We ran some dungeons with our 60-somethings, did some daily questing with our 70's, and even spent time on our newbie alts.

Who says gamers aren't social?

Some of our guild-mates, the people we play with regularly, have known each other in "real life" since childhood. One is a friend of mine from many years ago, who now lives 2,000 miles away.

Dungeon crawls with a group at high levels in a game like WoW take a lot of coordinated teamwork and problem solving to go smoothly. We use microphones to chat with one another as we play, which is more efficient and usually more fun than only using only text chat. Now that there's a voice chat feature built into WoW, it's easier than ever to plan our next move, help each other complete quests, or discuss which movie should have won at the Oscars.

While we still use mostly text chat when we play in "pick up groups" (aka PUGs) with people we don't know, when we play with our guildies, we almost always have voice chat on.

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Zbodhimama said...

And then there is the demon game from hell you gave your mother. No wonder you never hear from her.