Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Al Franken Meet and Greet

Al Franken and My Mister
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What a satirist does is looks at a situation, finds the inconsistencies, hypocrisies, absurdities, and cuts through all the baloney and gets to the truth. That’s pretty good training, I think, for the United States Senate. ~ Al Franken

Photos from the Al Franken for Senate meet and greet are now up on my flickr page in my Politics set.

It was a small, neighborhood event. His daughter was there as well, along with State Senator Dan Larson and Representative Ann Lenczewski.

The microphone wasn't having a good day, so Al did without, and shared some of his background with us; filling us in on why he cares so much about his home state of Minnesota, and his vision for progress. Then he spent quite a bit of time chatting with individuals in the crowd and answering questions.

My Mister and I attended the event with my friend, Kat. I'm fully confident that he can win against Norm Coleman if he gets the DFL party nomination.

For more information visit Al Franken's official site.
There was a good article on his campaign not long ago on the New York Times website.

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