Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good night snurk mousie

Good night snurk mousie
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Snurk passed beyond the veil today. She will be missed. She was getting quite gray, but she stayed active and curious right up to the end. She seems to have passed away in her sleep.

At the time I write this, our only remaining mouse is Elleffgie. She is starting to get a lot of gray mixed in with her darker fur as well, and has become more timid and less fond of photography as she's gotten older.

My Mister has decided keeping such little bitties with such short life spans is too difficult, emotionally. We lost most of the mice to large tumors, though Snurk seems to have been spared that.

So Elleffgie is living alone now, getting all the goodies she wants, and when she passes, our mouse house will be no more.

Ratties live longer, relatively speaking, and bond much more readily with their people. We'll be sticking with rats (and our kitties of course) from now on.