Thursday, January 10, 2008

To caucus, or not to caucus...

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I've decided to caucus on Feb. 5th, 2008.

I'm from California where they have elections, one person one vote. Every vote counts. Even if no one else votes as you did, your vote speaks for your preference. But now I'm in Minnesota, and have been for long enough to think of it as home.

This will be my first time participating in a caucus.

Not because I think it will make a difference in the race for democratic presidential candidate, which I don't.

I've finally decided that between the remaining presidential hopefuls, I would most like to see Obama become president. Kucinich's endorsement of Obama was one of the things that tipped it for me. Edwards remains a close second. But I honestly don't believe that by the time "Super Duper Tuesday " rolls around individual Minnesotans will really have a say in the matter.

Most pundits are predicting that the Democratic nomination will be "locked up" before then. They seem to miss the mark a lot of the time, but on that I think they may be correct. And I don't have faith in local caucuses as vehicles for individual voices in national politics.


This year I'm going to caucus because it is the event that will allow me to support Al Franken in his run for US Senate against incumbent Norm Coleman. My best friend at work has also decided to caucus this year for the exact same reason.

While I still don't much trust the caucus system, at least at a state level my vote has a greater chance of making a difference. At least Iowa, South Carolina etc. haven't already removed half of my options.

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