Sunday, January 27, 2008

Walk in the park

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It finally warmed up enough to go out for a leisurely walk today. It's been in the below zero Fahrenheit range for long enough that 31°F (-1°C) felt mild enough to leave hat and gloves at home for a stroll through my local park. The breeze picked up a bit on my way back to the car, so the tops of my ears started to go numb, but in my barn coat and flannel lined jeans I was otherwise plenty warm.

The air was full of the sounds of crows, of chickadees calling to each other, and ducks splashing in the creek. This duck caught my ear as she came in for a landing and I got the camera up in time to catch her.

It felt good to be out walking. I haven't had a real walk, outside in fresh air since Thanksgiving. All my walking has been done indoors lately.

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