Wednesday, January 2, 2008

One year cancer free today

A gift from the heart
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We're going out to Tejas tonight to celebrate my first anniversary of being cancer free. I think for the foreseeable future, January 2nd will feel like a bigger deal than my birthday, or pretty much any other event during the year-- with the possible exception of my wedding anniversary.

The image I've posted with this was a drawing that my Niece C drew for my grandmother (her great-grandmother) for Christmas. She's developing a really excellent eye for detail. I particularly like the angel, and that she included Grandma's cane. Some how the cane makes it more personal to me.

Beautiful thing for the day: The sun sparkling off of the surface of the crunchy snow on the ground this morning. It was -6° F (-21° C) with a wind chill of "Fusilli that's Cold!" The up-side of the cold is that none of the snow was slushy, and many of the snowy ice crystals had retained their sparkliness.

One day back in the office after having my foot elevated over the weekend and new year's day, and already it's puffing up again. I'm getting up and walking as frequently as I can, but it just doesn't like being dangled over the edge of a chair for any length of time.

Just realized that Peter Woodward played a guard in National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I hadn't planned on seeing that film, initially. Now I'm going to have to. Though our TV screen is big enough that waiting for the DVD is probably just fine. Looks like it's probably not a role with a lot of screen time.

Edit: I've posted some photos of what we ate for our celebratory dinner on my flickr page.

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*hugs*...and happy new year, too :)