Friday, April 11, 2008


I love this photo by Zero G beyond all reason. No idea why. Maybe it's something subliminal related to it having the word "yarn" in it's title? Anyway, something about the fuzzy little spider butt in the clothes pin just tickles me. Add to it Z.G.'s comments on "Peggy, The Amazing Spider-Washerwoman" and it just makes me smile. After visiting the photo about 10 times it demanded to be blogged.

Dinner is cooking in the rice cooker, it's snowing again, and my DVR just finished recording episode two of The Great Pharaohs of Egypt (aka The Greatest Pharaohs). I was planning on recording it to watch it this evening anyway, and also have episode one waiting for me to watch while I knit after dinner, but I was delighted to find out today that it was narrated by Frank Langella.

Langella is one of those men who's voice is so appealing I could happily listen to him read copyright law. So how did I not know he'd done the narration for a four-part documentary on ancient Egypt? Glee!

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