Monday, April 28, 2008

Level 1 Troll Priest

Over the weekend I had a fair amount of time spent on the couch trying to get my foot to depuff. Light exercise helps with the lymphedema, but light exercise and then a bunch of elevation seems to help more. I've got some PT appointments coming up, too.

I used some of that down time to get the World of Warcraft troll plushie assembled. The knitting is done, the hair needs a bit of a trim, and his level 1 priest robes will be sewn instead of knitted.

I pondered a couple of methods of attaching his hair, and went with cutting lots of strands to the same lengths, bunching them together in little bunches like you might for tassels on a scarf, and tying knots in the middle of each bunch. Then, I stitched those bunches to his head by sewing through the knots. I created the braid out of three much longer bunches.

His tusks are felted to give them a bit more substance, and his ears are made from long, thin tapering cones, lightly stuffed to keep them lifted up. The nose was done the same way, but with a much smaller cone.

All in all, not a bad approximation of my Mister's main WoW character, Zwierdo. I may have to make him a wee plushie mace to wield, as a finishing touch. But clothing comes first.

Ok, break's over. Time for some PT, and then back to work.

Level 1 Troll Priest - Braid

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