Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kinda soft for an orc

Originally uploaded by Sara Denise
Oh yes! An orc straight out of World of Warcraft!

I MUST knit one of these!
Where are my knitting needles?
Why am I at work when there's knitting to be done?

I think I even have the yarn I need in my stash. Hmmm... should I make mine a level 1 orc warlock? I do love their robes.

Click on the photo to see him full sized on his creator's page. If you're a member over at you can find more info about him in Saradenise's finished objects.

Lunch break is over... back to work.

edit: The project details have been decided. It's going to be a level 1 troll priest in the colors of my Mister's character, Zwierdo.

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