Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's their way, or the highway...

This is a billboard next to Highway 52 in St. Paul, where the highway crosses the Mississippi river. I took this photo while stuck in traffic on the way in to work.
It reads:
One God
One human race
One Way to heaven
Read the Bible
The small text between the lines are the passage citations for each. My cell phone camera wasn't quite up to the task of catching those in focus.

It's a Clear Channel billboard. I wonder who sponsored the ad? I wonder if they have a preference as to which of the many versions of the Bible we are supposed to read? Knowing me, I've probably read the wrong one.

For the record, I value diversity in the world. So I can't agree with their message. Which is a bit of a tricky balance. Because valuing diversity means tolerance of their ways, even when those ways are intolerant (as long as those ways aren't violating anyone else's human rights). But it doesn't require me to celebrate intolerance. Only accept it. Which is, admittedly, still tricky.

But this sign does demonstrate two very important American values I certainly agree with:

Freedom of speech provides them the right to post such signs. (And me the right to write this post.)

Freedom of religion provides them the right to have such beliefs, while providing me with the right to disagree.

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