Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ratties on the mend

Hiding with the stuffed toys
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I'm pleased to say the rattie girlies seem to be showing continued improvement in the sneezing department. All signs of porphyrin around their eyes or wee nosies are gone. Hardly any sneezing from Dureena and Talia. And Delenn is better each day. The humidifier is on full power, we've checked for drafts, and they're still getting a tiny dose of baby Benadryl each day.

I'm also adding a bit of couscous with olive oil and garlic to their meals. I take omega 3 supplements all winter to help with dry eyes and sinuses, so I figured the olive oil couldn't hurt them. They're so tiny, I don't want to take any risks with fish oil based supplements in case there's any mercury in them. And they love the olive oil flavor. Garlic is recommended on the web in various places to help keep them healthy, too. So this pasta salad seems to be a hit. I'm going to look for whole wheat couscous next time I shop. Right now the girls have just got the regular stuff.

No word yet on G'Kar's autopsy. The doc says it will take a while so they can do the cultures properly.

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