Thursday, December 13, 2007

Up too late

Stayed up too late tonight.

The rats are boxing in their cage (which is darned cute, I must say) and the cats are all staring at me, waiting for me to go upstairs so they can have their bedtime goodies on the cat tree. I'm disrupting their schedule, I suppose. Didn't get any knitting done tonight. Didn't get much of anything done tonight, really. Too tired to be productive, but disinclined to stop being awake, despite being sleepy. Insomnia, I suppose. Too much going on in my head right now, with the deadlines looming at work, holiday planning, anticipating traveling to Virginia soon, my Mister looking for a new job, and other life stuff mixed in.

I'm just in an odd mood.

Well, time to tell the mood to take a hike and give the ol' sleeping thing a shot.

Oh, and for the record it's 5°F (-15°C) outside right now. Can't believe people lived in this part of the country before the advent of central heating and polar fleece.

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Tymothi said...

heh...odd moods all around...