Saturday, December 8, 2007


NOAA says it's 6°F (-14°C) outside right now. The evening sky is an even pale gray, the light on the snow is gray. I'm getting tired of my cold, which still shows no signs of giving up and going away. But I'm inside and it's warm and comfy, and I'm knitting with kitties all around me.

The yarn is a soft tweedy gray, a blend of wool, cashmere and silk. I'm working on a pair of mittens for my grandmother. But I'm a bit distracted, so it's been knit 4 rows, frog one. It's what I get for trying to knit and talk on the phone at the same time. Mom is sick. Fortunately it's nothing that some hydration, antibiotics and a hefty dose of rest won't fix. Mom just called to say she's home and the kitties are making sure she's getting that doctor mandated rest by sitting on her and being too cute to disturb them.

Now that I've received that good news, maybe I'll be able to focus on the mitten at hand. I'm going to rustle up some herbal tea and work on making friends with this mitten. No point in fighting with yarn. The yarn always wins if I approach it like that.

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