Monday, May 19, 2008

1 Year 5 months and change

Went in for my quarterly post-cancer checkup today, which included a blood test this time. My doctor is checking to see what's up with my hormones before we decide for sure what to do about my hot flashes. Which have really been less "flashes" and more "stuck under a heat lamp" 20 hours out of the day.

Today was one of those all medical stuff most of the day kind of days. Physical Therapy for the lymphedema, oncology tests, blood tests, waiting rooms, driving to and fro and parking.

The news has been promising, my tests have been coming back clean since the surgery, and the leg is responding to the therapy quite well. May be able to switch from mummy wrappings to a regular compression stocking soon.

What I miss most, lately, with all the doctor/PT appointments, puffy foot things and being awake at 3 AM unable to sleep because I'm so hot is having a normal sleep/wake/work schedule.

That said, I've spoken to a couple of other women who had hysterectomies because of cancer, who also didn't have to do radiation or chemo, and who said it still took a full 2 years for them to really get back to "normal". Many others bounce right back much more quickly, but it isn't as frustrating knowing that it's not just me who deals with all this stuff.

I can't complain too much. The cancer has stayed gone, I'm still making progress, and I've been able to become mobile again since we got those nasty muscle spasms under control. All things considered, I have a lot to be very grateful for.

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DreamWoven said...


chemo reeked havoc with my hormones/body as well. in fact, i have a drs appt tomorrow. would love to talk to you about hormones and stuff....(but i gotta run out the door to work)...

stay healthy!