Thursday, May 29, 2008


The cable guy came today to fix our internet tubes. We've had next to zero connectivity for the last several days. I've been flattened by a thundering herd of fatigue, so I'd've been mostly offline anyway. So the timing could've been worse.

The Mister was able to be home early when the cable guy arrived, which was good because my Honey speaks "cable". My own geek streak doesn't run toward hardware. Anyway, it turns out there were bad splitters out on the main hookup, and another indoors. I'm not sure about these "splitter" things, but it sounds to me like we must've had some kind of infestation of horrible cable-chewing mynocks. I guess cable guys carry mynock traps because it's all fixed now.

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Zbodhimama said...

Laughing out loud for how funny the way you put this is.