Friday, May 2, 2008

I'd Cozy That

Stethoscope Cozy
Originally uploaded by keribeth
We knitters will cozy anything that sits still long enough to measure it. Don't believe me?

Go to flickr and do the following search: knitting cozy

I got 4,500+ results including:

  • a Volkswagen car cozy (I kid you not)
  • beer cozies
  • stethoscope cozy (seen here in keribeth's photo)
  • bicycle cozies
  • cell phone cozies
  • coffee cup cozies by the dozens
  • pendrive cozy in a south park theme
  • sunglasses cozies
  • sign pole cozies
  • telephone pole cozy
  • toilet paper cozies
  • ipod cozies aplenty
  • camera cozies
  • Nike plus transmitter/sensor cozies
  • egg cozies
  • someone working on a missile cozy
  • soap cozy
  • water bottle cozies
  • of course, tea cozies
  • fruit cozies
  • cozies for crutches
  • tree cozies
  • pint sized ice cream cozies
  • wine bottle cozies
  • a pink tank cozy (seriously as in a full sized WWI military tank)
  • knitting needle cozies
  • fork cozy
  • cozy for a toy dinosaur (stops being a sweater when nearly the whole toy is covered, I think)
  • cozies for adult toys
  • motorcycle cozy
And I didn't even surf through all of them, so I'm sure I missed some highlights. This list also doesn't take into account people who don't tag or caption their work, so their photos don't show up in searches. Or people who call them sweaters or covers (i.e. tree sweaters, steering wheel cover, etc.) or who tag them in a language other than English.

I also did a quick search for "crochet" and "cozy", and came up with roughly a quarter as many results. Some are duplicates from the knitting search, and a higher percentage of them than the knitting search were for people using "cozy" as an adjective (as in "crocheting by a cozy fire") instead of a noun or verb. But there are still a lot of crochet cozied items.

The crocheted chandelier cozy certainly needs to be mentioned.

So I say to my Mister, "See. It isn't just me. Knitters are just like that."

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