Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Questions

Got my last set of blood tests back. My estradiol level is high... if I'm actually a man and we've just failed to notice that before now. Otherwise it's wayyy low. I'm right on the mark estrogen-wise for a post-menopausal woman. But apparently the previous test ruled out menopause.

If I'm doing the math correctly then: ((very low FSH) + (very low estradiol)) = WTF.

So, more tests yet in my future. Thyroid tests next? I'd very much like to get that WTF changed to an OIC* in the near future.

*"Oh. I see."


Maat said...

Any word?

Pockafwye said...

It will be next Monday before I hear from my doc.

Zbodhimama said...

What a time you are having, my kid.