Thursday, May 1, 2008

Masks and dreams

I had a dream last night about ordering a masked figure out of a house in a battle of wills. He'd entered through a window on the second story of the house in the middle of the night, and was either a ghost, or a person trying to make us (there was another person there) believe he was a ghost. He tried to convince us to follow him deeper into the house, with apparently ominous intent. No physical contact was made in the confrontation. Instead, there was a lot of staring each other down, and repeating our demands to one another forcefully until he backed down and left the way he came.

It was another dream in which I could see the eyes of someone in the dream. Though in this case the rest of his face was obscured by a helmet-like, black and red mask. But the details were very clear.

The other person in the dream was someone I haven't seen or spoken to in maybe 15 years. An old friend from high school. He had a face, too, oddly enough. I am pretty sure I know how he ended up cast for this dream.

My Mister and I watched several episodes of Unbeatable Banzuke last night on the DVR, and were particularly impressed by the Super Rider competition. The competitors ride their mountain bikes through an incredibly difficult obstacle course without touching the ground with their feet. My friend did quite a bit of trick riding in high school, so I'm sure he was hovering around in the back of my brain when I went to sleep.

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