Friday, May 23, 2008

Mixed Messages

My Honey, sitting in the dining room, says (via headset) to his party in World of Warcraft, "Did my silence work on her?" He's playing his troll shadow priest, Zwierdo.

Me to the empty living room, "Well it didn't work on me."

No answer.

I chuckle. "Wait, maybe it did work on me." To the three bathing cats in the room with me, "Can you guys hear me?" They don't even twitch an ear in my direction.

I chuckle at my own joke. I'm easily amused tonight.

My Mister hears my second chuckle, and says, "What? Sorry, Honey. Can't hear you. Boss fight."

I laugh harder.

He says, more frantically, "Boss fight. Can't hear you." I imagine the sounds of the spells and chattering of his guildmates coordinating the fight in his headset, and understand the level of fucos it takes to be a priest in a boss fight in Karazhan.

Me, loudly. "No worries. Just laughing.


Louder still, "Just laughing. Tell you later."

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